How to make emoji in a day of tweeting

A new tool designed to help you make emoji using the built-in Instagram API has been revealed.

The new app, named emoji_day, lets you send and receive emoji in the shortest time possible, without having to open up Instagram and use an API key.

It also includes a special emoji-themed hashtag, which is available to users who have signed up for the app.

It is not yet available for all users.

The app works with the Instagram API, which lets you embed images in your posts, videos, GIFs, and more.

It has been built using a proprietary API that lets Instagram use your data to build a personalized experience.

The API is a fairly new one, so the company behind it is not the first to try it out.

Last month, Snapchat unveiled an API that allows it to build an app based on Instagram’s API.

There are currently around 5 million users using Instagram’s service and it is expected that the app will get more users by the year’s end.