How to send a tweet without the ‘I’ and the ‘R’

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Twitter has announced plans to add emoji to tweets in order to make them more accessible to the masses.

The move comes after the company announced plans earlier this year to start accepting emoji for its messaging service.

Emoji is a word or phrase that can appear on a screen or on a picture to signify the absence of words.

Twitter is now the first major social media platform to offer emoji, according to the New York Times.

The emoji are already present in Google’s official emoji keyboard, and they have been added to Twitter’s API.

“We’ve always wanted to create an emoji that people can use on Twitter, so we wanted to make it easy to use,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said in a blog post.

Dorsey added that Twitter is working with other social media companies on the technology, which would allow the company to make emoji available to the public.

Users can already use the emoji keyboard to send tweets.

It is available for iOS and Android phones, with Android users currently able to use it.

While Twitter has not said if it will be allowing emoji on its service, it’s clear that the move will be welcomed by users.

A tweet that is not formatted as emoji will still display the “I” emoji, which means “I.”

Twitter is not the only social media company that is adding emoji.

Google added emoji to its Google+ app in June.

Twitter, meanwhile, added it to its Twitter app earlier this month.

Twitter’s new emoji will be rolled out on all users, but the company is offering them to users that have not yet set up a profile.

Emoji is also available to be added to the search results of Google Search, Google News and YouTube.

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