I’m a new mom, but I’m still going to take my kids to Disneyland

A woman who has been a mom for two years and has two children is still taking her kids to Disney World and other theme parks.

Eileen, 43, of Wauwatosa, has been with her husband, Bill, a mechanic, for more than a decade.

They’ve been married for six years and have two kids, aged four and four.

They’ve had several children of their own, and now Eileen is pregnant with their third child.

“We have a couple of kids that are the same age as our kids, so it’s not uncommon for us to take them to a lot of different parks,” Eileen said.

“But the theme parks have been the most memorable for me.

I think it’s been a great experience for us.”

When she was a mom, Eileen says she took her kids out to a Disney theme park with their father when she was pregnant, but she now takes them to the theme park for special occasions, like Easter and Christmas, and other family outings.

“My husband and I enjoy going to Disneyland, we like the parks and it’s nice to have a different type of family to bring,” Erika said.

But she has noticed some changes.

“I haven’t been able to go out to the parks that often, so I’ve been getting a little nervous about getting a baby,” she said.

The holidays and Easter are the big times for Erika, so she wants to do something special for her children.

“At Easter, we want to get dressed up and go to the Disney theme parks together,” she explained.

“So we’re going to bring our kids and we’re also going to go to Disneyland and the parks.”

Erika says her son will enjoy going with her and her daughter, but her son, now two, has not had the chance to attend the Disneyland experience.

“They’ve only seen us at the Disney parks,” she laughed.

“When they get older, I think they’ll like going to Disney.”

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