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5e 6.7M deleted text messages deleted by gmail users.

6.8M deleted phone messages deleted from phones by gmails users.

8.5M deleted email sent or received by gms users.

1.8 million messages sent or answered by gs users.

2.2 million messages deleted.

5.3M messages deleted on the Gms network.

6 million messages from Google.

2 million Google messages deleted in 2013.

The last time a number of Gms users lost their phones was in 2010 when an estimated 3.4 million messages were lost.

The number of lost phones is estimated to be around 1.5 million, which is higher than the actual number of devices lost.

According to a Google spokesperson, the GMS account data is updated weekly and the data is used to determine the severity of the loss.

Google said that the number of users who have lost their phone or tablet was not available for verification.

The company also said it was not able to verify that the user who deleted his or her gms account was the one who deleted the account, but confirmed that the account data was not updated in response to the request.