2,000 angry comments from ‘misogynist’ who calls ‘white supremacists’ ‘brave’ and ‘heroes’

A racist who calls white supremacists “brave” and “heroes” and says they’re “fighting for their own country” has gained over 4,000 comments on a message board on the social network.

The comment thread on a Facebook page called “White Supremacists Are the Bravest Heroes in the World” features comments from users who feel there’s a lack of awareness of the group’s history.

One poster calls the “white supremacist” group “heroic” and the “real heroes” who are “fighting to defend the country against this new enemy that has invaded our country.”

The comments come amid the ongoing controversy over the removal of a Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina, after the city voted to remove it following a deadly white supremacist rally.

“Bravo, you’re brave for standing up for what’s right.

You’re heroes,” one person wrote.”

You are brave because you are brave,” another person responded.

The comments appear to have been edited to remove some racist slurs, including “black,” “white,” and “faggot.”

A post on the same page shows another poster calling the group “pathetic” and calling it a “bastard cult.”

Another user, “DixieDixie,” said the group is “evil” and called on others to join in on the hate.

“They are the real heroes and heroes that are fighting for their country,” she wrote.

“You are a disgrace to the country you have taken away from the world.

I will be doing all in my power to remove you from the community.”

The posts have since been removed.