A new app lets you delete your Twitter messages, deleted messages and other data from the service

The app is called Signal and it allows you to delete messages, images, videos, and other personal data from Twitter.

The app’s privacy settings appear to be very limited, but the app does not seem to be designed to help you hide the data.

The data is actually stored in the company’s own servers.

In fact, the data can be accessed from outside the app.

But what makes Signal so interesting is the way it can delete the data from your device when you’re done with it.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to do this.

To get started, open up the Signal app and tap on the Settings icon.

Then tap on delete messages.

This will bring up a new dialog box with three options.

The first option allows you only to delete the messages you deleted.

The second option lets you choose to delete all messages you have sent.

The third option allows for the deletion of only the messages that were sent by you to your followers.

Here are the options: Delete messages and delete all of them Delete messages Delete all messages Delete a few messages (including tweets and replies) Delete a single message Delete a number of messages (which could be any of the options) Delete the message and all of its associated metadata.

The last option allows the deletion to only delete a specific set of messages.

To delete all tweets sent by a user, you’ll have to delete tweets sent to that user.

To send all tweets, you can tap on a user and then tap on any of their Twitter posts.

Then, you will be presented with a new message.

This message can be deleted.

But it will not be removed from the Twitter service.

If you want to delete a few of your followers’ tweets, the app will show a message saying, “This user’s tweets are not available for deletion.”

To delete a single tweet, you only have to tap on that single tweet and then choose the Delete button.

And if you want the deletion not to affect all of your follower’s tweets, then you can only delete one tweet at a time.

You can delete tweets, replies, and comments in the app’s Settings.

If the messages have been deleted from your account, you have to return to the main settings screen.

You have to click on the message’s Delete button in order to remove it.

After you have deleted all of the messages, you must then tap the “Delete All” button to delete them all.

It is a little confusing at first, but once you understand how this works, you’re going to be fine.

The Signal app will then notify you when a message has been deleted.

If this is the first time you’ve used Signal, you should check out our guide to using Signal for free.

Here’s how to delete and then reinstate your account in Signal.