More hate mail, more hate from angry fans of Manchester United: Survey

A new survey of fans of the Manchester United Football Club has revealed the extent to which fans are expressing their anger and frustration over the club’s Champions League failure.

The poll was commissioned by the Club and conducted online by the organisation on behalf of Fans Advice.

In a letter sent to fans last month, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho claimed that supporters of his side were being unfairly vilified by media and supporters alike.

“There is no doubt that fans of all parties have been treated unfairly by certain sections of the media and that this is true of certain sections, including our own supporters,” Mourinho wrote.

“Some have used this issue as an excuse to try to attack the entire club, which is untrue and will be refuted by the facts and figures presented by Fans Advice.”

“This has resulted in some fans feeling intimidated and insecure, and that we should be treated as second-class citizens.”

We have, however, been a very resilient and professional group and have consistently delivered a product that is consistently top of the league.

“Mourinho also said he hoped fans would come to accept the club would win the Premier League this season, but that he did not want to “waste my time” by “showing disrespect” to fans who want him to change his club.

Fans Advice is a non-profit organisation that provides advice to football fans, and it is a good example of how a club can still thrive despite its failure.

In its latest survey, Fans Advice found that 75 per cent of fans were willing to take part in a survey on behalf the Club if it were to be included in the official survey.

In the survey, which was conducted between August 1 and October 30, 44 per cent said they were willing and prepared to take the survey and the Club was asked about their feelings towards the club.”

The Club will continue to work tirelessly to try and get to the top of our game and we hope to get to that,” Mourinho said.”

But we have been very clear that the club cannot go on like this, that there must be change and we have to try.

“Manchester United’s season ended in defeat by Roma on Sunday night.