‘We were having fun’ after being accused of raping a woman

A woman who claims she was raped and sexually assaulted by two men on a Dublin bus last year has told how she was devastated when she was forced to tell police about the incident.

Key points:The woman told gardaí she had been with two men for a long time, but that one of the men had told her he was a copHe says she was “overwhelmed” by the news of the rape, but said she did not want to go to policeHe said he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that his partner was trying to help him get back homeThe woman, now 21, told the court she was in a “very happy place” when she heard about the alleged incident in March last year.

She said she had just been on the bus with her then-boyfriend when she said she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“It was a strange feeling, I thought it was a man, but it was actually a cop, I remember saying ‘what’s happening?’, and he said ‘oh my gosh, I’m just trying to get you home’,” she told the jury.

The woman said she realised her boyfriend was not with her when she looked out of the window and saw two men walking towards her.

“I thought I was being followed, and I remember looking out the window, and then I saw him, and that’s when I realised it was him,” she said.

“That’s when he was trying really hard to get me to leave the bus and go home.”

She said her boyfriend had told police he was the man in the police car, but he said he did not remember anything else at the time.

The man who allegedly raped her was identified as an officer, she said, and told gardai that he had been in the area for a while and had recently been working on his car.

The alleged rape took place on March 30 last year, just days after the woman and her boyfriend went to visit a friend in Wicklow.

She told gardagewomen on the other side of the bus that she was walking home from a club when she came across a man in a dark car in a residential area, she told court.

The complainant said she asked if the man was a police officer, but the man said no.

“We just had a chat and I was telling him about the sexual assault, he said to me ‘no, I am not a police official’.”

I was so devastated,” she told gardas, and the woman told them she did want to tell the gardai.

The accused, a man aged between 25 and 28, had been on duty for two years, she added.

She was also told he was on a police watchlist and that she could not go out without being accompanied by a member of the Garda Siochana or another member of her family.

Gardai later confirmed the incident had taken place, but denied the woman had made a false complaint to them.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning on the night of March 30, 2017, and lasted for about 10 minutes.

The complainant said the man told her she was trying “to get me home” and that he was having a drink.

He had told gardaic officers he was at the bus stop with another man, she claimed.

When the woman was asked about the two men she had known for a very long time before the alleged attack, she denied it.

She later told gardags she had gone to her mother’s house, and when she got home she found her boyfriend, she alleged.

The court heard she had asked him for his phone number and he told her the man had told him he was “a cop”.

Gardasí later confirmed to the court he had no such record.

The trial continues.