What you need to know about the Facebook-owned messaging app hidden messages

Facebook-owned messaging app Snapchat has quietly been quietly removing hidden messages from its app in the latest update, but the messaging app’s CEO says the move is about protecting privacy.

The social media company has quietly removed hidden messages in Snapchat, a messaging app owned by Facebook, in the newest update.

In a blog post Monday, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said the move was made because Facebook has changed how it collects information about its users.

It’s a huge privacy concern for us, and we wanted to make sure we’re keeping people safe, Spiegel said.

We have to make it easy for people to share what they’re doing on the app without worrying about who they’re sharing it with, Spiegel wrote.

He noted that some people have complained about the disappearing messages feature in the past.

Spiegel wrote that the company was making the change because Facebook is moving more users to its messaging app and that “it is not a matter of if, but when we will see a shift to using the Facebook app as a messaging platform.”

The Facebook-sponsored app, which has more than 50 million users, has long been used by celebrities and celebrities-in-residence.

Its use has grown in recent years, especially with the launch of Snapchat.

On its website, the app boasts that its hidden messages feature is designed to allow users to communicate privately with each other.

“While the app is available to all users, you can set a specific time for a secret message to appear when you open a new message in the app,” the app states.

“You can also choose how frequently the app will show you a new hidden message.

You can delete any message you’ve sent, but only the one that you want to delete.”