What you need to know about the ‘tol’ secure messaging app that could be a game changer for the messaging app industry

The “tol” secure messaging service could become a game-changer for the industry by letting users send encrypted messages with one tap, according to a report by a group of experts.

The team, who have spent a decade researching and building secure messaging applications, say the new technology will likely be more secure than current standards and could make it more difficult for attackers to break in.

“Tol is already an established platform for secure messaging and it’s going to become even more secure as more apps and services implement it,” wrote the experts, who are led by security expert Adam Langley of Symantec.

“There’s no reason to believe that this technology will not become an established technology, and in the long run, this will make secure messaging even more important for businesses and organizations around the world.”

The experts say that as soon as Tol is certified as secure by the government, it could be used by governments around the globe to monitor phone calls and other communications.

In addition to Tol, the report includes a number of other secure messaging platforms, including Signal, Telegram and Slack.

However, it’s unclear if the new app will be used to send encrypted texts or encrypted video messages.

Langley and his team also note that the new secure messaging technology is still in its early stages.

“While the technical capabilities of Tol are certainly impressive, its development path is still a long way from being a reality,” they wrote.

“With that said, the technology itself is in a nascent stage and Tol remains a work in progress.

Tol needs more time and feedback from the industry to make its technology truly secure and robust, they added.

In the meantime, Tol users should keep an eye on its new secure chat app, TOL Signal, which will launch next month.