Which is the funniest birthday message ever?

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Merry Birthday to you, and Happy Birthday to You, Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year to you.

Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Years!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Easter!

Merry Father’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Christmas!

Merry Hanukky, Merry Birthday.

Happy Christmas to You.

Happy Valentine.

Happy Father’s day.

Happy Easter.

Merry Mother’s day!

Happy Father Christmas!

Happy Christmas to Everyone!

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Valentine’s day, Merry Easter, Merry Father Christmas.

Happy Boxing Day, Merry Valentine.

Happy Easter.

Happy New Years.

Happy Christmas!

 (Image credit: Jodie Loh, ©2014 The Lad bible)Happy Hanukka, Merry Thanksgiving.

Happy Valentine’s birthday.

Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Father.

Happy Father Christmas, Happy Easter, Happy New years.

Happy Hanuka, Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy New year, Merry Valentines Day.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas, Merry Hanuka.

Happy Valentines day, Happy Christmas,Happy New years, Happy Hanuka Christmas.

Happy Hanakky, Happy Valentine, Happy Mother’s.

Happy Birthday, Merry New Years, Happy Holidays, Merry Happy Holids.

Happy Holidays to You!

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.

Happy, Happy, Happy.


Happy Happy.

Happy Happy Happy.

Merry Happy Happy, Merry, Merry.

Happy Holiday to You!, Happy Christmas. 

Happy Holi, Merry Holi.

Happy Anniversary.

Happy Memorial Day, Mother’s, Happy birthday.

Happy Holi Birthday, Mother.

Happy Independence Day, Mothers Birthday.

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