A cute text message app that’ll turn your cell phone into a cute cat emoji

If you’ve ever been to the beach, you’ve probably noticed that people always seem to be texting while they’re there.

But it turns out that they’re not really texting, but rather, they’re tapping into their phone’s camera to take pictures of the people they’re messaging.

A new app called A Text-To-Cat Emoji, launched last week by the creators of the popular app, cat and emoji, lets users text their cats or even emoji-shaped cat photos into their phones to have them appear on their cat-shaped phone screens.

A Text To Cat Emoji’s creator, Alex Vassilakis, said that the app has a couple of unique features, including one that makes it a bit easier to see the pictures you’re sending while you’re talking.

“You can turn the screen on and off by simply holding the phone in front of the screen and it turns on and lets you see what you’re typing,” he told The Verge.

“This is really cool because the user’s already got their cat on their phone, and it can be a bit annoying to switch off that, so the screen doesn’t change.”

Vassillakis said that he’s already been working on a version that lets users tap on their cats while they chat with someone else, and said that when it’s ready for release, it will be the best cat emoji app available on Android.

It’s also possible to set up A Text to Cat Emojis so that it will automatically take photos of you when you’re texting your cat, but for now, users are still required to set it up by setting up their phone.

Vassillais said that it’s a very small step to turning your phone into your cat’s “pets” mode, and that the only drawback to it is that it won’t work with all Android phones.

“The reason for this is that most phones are pretty much locked down by default to be used by your cat,” he said.

“There are quite a few apps that are very much geared towards cats, so it’s not a great way to use your phone to interact with your cat.”

A Text 2.0 is also available for those who need to make a phone-friendly change to their phone settings.

“To make a change to your phone settings you can tap on the home button and then go to the menu,” he added.

“Then you can change your phone’s settings.”

Vast majority of Android phones support screen dimming and automatic screen-off, so this change is fairly easy to make on most phones.

There are some phones, however, that can’t change screen settings, and the app will be able to do that for you, but it won-t be enabled by default.

VASSILLASIS said that A Text 3.0 will allow users to control when and how their cat’s screen dims or turns off, as well as how often it turns off.

“We’re working on the ability to set a timeout, which will be similar to how it works with the default settings,” he explained.

“A timer will go off whenever you press the Home button or the Home Button+Power button and when you press either of them, it’ll reset the timer to zero.

The timer can also be set to turn off automatically if you hold the home and power buttons down and then press the power button again, and to turn on automatically if it is held down and the power is held.

This will also allow you to turn your screen off when it is off, so that you can turn off the screen automatically when you are in your car.”

The next version of A Text will be available for free to the public this Friday, and Vassiliakis said he expects it to be available to the masses in the near future.