How many of your favourite birthdays are a lie?

If you were to tell a friend or loved one that you were celebrating a birthday today, would they believe you? asked more than 20,000 people on the ABC’s birthday card board to name their favourite birthday cards.

Here are some of the best responses: 1.

A Birthday card from Australia from the age of eight that reads, “I don’t have a birthday.

You are the only person who can give me one.”2.

A birthday card from a girl in a US state from the late ’90s that says, “My birthday is Monday.

How can I not be a superhero?”3.

A message from an Australian woman in the late 80s saying, “We are all in this together.”4.

A gift card from the US to a woman in Japan from the mid-’90s, featuring a message saying, “‘Don’t miss the birthdays of people like you'”.5.

A card from New Zealand with the message “This is my birthday and you have been a lifesaver.”6.

A letter from an Italian man with the same message in 2016, which read, “Happy Birthday, Italy.”7.

A note from an American couple in the ’90