How to Encourage Your Friends to Encrypt Their Messages with Telegram

When your friends send you a birthday message, you can send them an encrypted version of it using Telegram.

You can even share your birthday message with family and friends.

And if you don’t want to be associated with someone you care about, you could even send it to your boss.

Telegram, which lets users share photos, videos and audio as well as read messages, lets you keep your friends informed about your day and send a birthday notification for everyone to see.

It also helps prevent your friends from viewing your birthday messages because the service can only store encrypted versions of messages.

You should use this feature when you want to send a message to everyone on your team, even if you have no direct connection to the person sending it.

Encrypting your messages with Telegram will take a little time.

It’s a good idea to use this option whenever you want your friends to be alerted of your birthday.

If you do want them to see your message, be sure to set up your Telegram app so that only your team members have access to the content.