How to tell if someone is a victim of domestic violence? | Message board

Posted September 16, 2018 09:59:22 A man in a domestic violence situation can often become frustrated or angry and may lash out.

This could be triggered by a perceived violation of his boundaries.

If you’re in a position of authority over someone in your life, you can use these messages to determine if your partner is abusive.

The following are some tips for people who are in a situation where they have been verbally or physically abused.


Use your body language.

If your partner makes an aggressive, controlling or controlling gesture toward you, don’t let it go.

If the gesture is aggressive, don and then turn around and ask the person why.

If it’s a playful one, you could say something like “I’m here for you.”

If the behavior is in response to something you say, you may be saying something like, “I’ll get you back to me when you apologize.”


Tell them.

If a person has started using aggressive, dominant or controlling language towards you, you should tell them.

Don’t just give them an angry look or respond by pointing your finger.

Speak directly to them and ask them what’s wrong.

If they act in a way that is inconsistent with how you respond, ask them to stop or leave.3.

Let them know.

If someone is acting aggressively toward you and you feel threatened, you need to take action.

This includes leaving the scene and calling the police.

If there is an immediate threat to your safety, call 911.4.

Be calm.

It’s not unusual for someone in a vulnerable position to be upset, especially if they feel they’ve been violated or abused.

If people in this situation are acting aggressively and you don’t want them to hurt you or cause harm to others, take control.5.

Get support.

Help can help you get over the emotional and physical abuse you’ve experienced.

A domestic violence counselor can help.

Find a local shelter to take you in if you need them.

And if you’re not comfortable going to a shelter, contact an agency that offers crisis intervention services or call 911 if your situation requires it.