How to use Google+ messages for your web site

More than 70 percent of web sites are using Google+ as their messaging app, and the messaging service is gaining traction in the advertising space as well.

Now that you can sign up for Google+ to get a message on your behalf, you can send a link to your website with a click.

And you can also add messages to your blog or share them with friends and family.

Here are five easy ways to use the social network’s messaging app.1.

Send a link or text message to a web page or blog article on your own page.

For example, you could send a simple link to this article: “I’m running late for my last appointment at a clinic.

Can I make a quick call to your office?”

The article’s title and photo are placed above the text box, which can be clicked and the link to the webpage is added to the address bar.2.

Use the search bar to find content in the Google+ messaging app or post a link in the search box.

For instance, if you’re looking for information on how to prepare for a wedding, you might search for “Wedding Planning,” and you’d find a number of great tips and tricks from other people.3.

Send your own personal message to someone on Google+.

Google+ has built in support for “self-directed” messaging.

That means you can write an article on how you’d like to start a conversation with someone, or use a photo to show off your favorite hobbies, and send a short message.4.

You can also post messages to social media and email.

You might want to share a photo of your pet or post it to a friend’s blog.5.

Use Google+ for search.

Google+ provides a “search” function that allows you to search by keyword or topic.

Here are some examples: “What’s the weather like in the area?” and “Where to find the best food in the city?”