L.A. Lakers send message to NBA to stop using video on Instagram

L.ALBANY, N.Y. — The Los Angeles Lakers have sent a message to the NBA to curb its use of video during games, league sources told ESPN.

The message came in response to a request by the Lakers to ban players from sharing clips during games.

The league responded that it’s not enforcing any rule on how video is used.

The Lakers are using Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Vine for their social media.

They have a team of video producers who use their personal accounts to create short, quick videos of players doing specific plays.

This gives the league a window to watch and analyze video.

In their letter to the league, the Lakers said they are “deeply concerned” about the way video is being used in video games.

It also cited the league’s recent video games, including NBA Jam, which featured player-created clips that could be used during games if the Lakers chose.

It’s unclear if the video clips the Lakers have been using are the ones they are trying to ban.

The NBA said in a statement to ESPN that it has received several requests to stop sharing clips.

The teams that use the clips also have the option to take them down.NBA Jam, an NBA video game that debuted in 2013, features players in a variety of styles, from “the most creative to the most mundane” to “the least creative” to make sure everyone can be creative.

The league said it is working on ways to remove videos that the league deems inappropriate from its video platforms.

The game has since been released on iOS and Android.

The NBA also said it will not allow players to use clips from the league or its games during the NBA All-Star Game.