Trump administration calls for a congressional investigation into ‘vast amounts’ of money sent to Mexico

President Donald Trump is demanding a congressional probe into “vast sums” of money spent by the Obama administration to “help Mexico pay for the wall” at the southern border.

The Trump administration is calling for a “full, complete, and impartial congressional investigation” into “fraud and misuse of federal funds,” and the “federal government should be held accountable for any fraud or misuse of funds,” the White House said in a statement Tuesday.

“The President’s request for a special congressional investigation of Mexico’s funding for the border wall reflects his unwavering commitment to a fair and just border,” the statement read.

“As President, the President has pledged to uphold the integrity of our nation’s borders and protect our sovereignty.”

The Mexican president and U.S. lawmakers have previously expressed frustration with the administration’s failure to secure the border and demand more money for the country.

Trump has also called for a border wall, but has said he doesn’t want to build it.

He also said that the border “needs to be secured” to prevent drugs from entering the U.N. border.

Mexico has rejected Trump’s call to build a border barrier and said it will not pay for it.

“It is a political decision,” Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

“We cannot afford to lose money on a wall.”

Peña Nieto also said Mexico will not support any American presidential candidate who “is against a wall and who wants to make Mexico pay more for its wall.”

Mexico’s government has been the most vocal critic of Trump’s request.

Last month, Peña said Mexico would “not pay for a wall,” according to a Reuters report.

Peña also told The Associated Press he would not pay any U.U.N.-backed border aid for the U-20 World Cup soccer tournament.

Trump’s request is the first by a U.F.O. president in a decade.

In a statement Monday, the Trump administration also said it would ask the U of S to conduct a full audit of U.W. funds to “identify any improper payments made to Mexico.”

The Trump White House says the UWS “has not provided any documents or information that it is able to provide to the Administration,” and said there are “no documents” that would prove that Mexico was responsible for the funds spent.UWS also “has never provided information to the US.

Government, including information on how UWS made payments to Mexico for its security at the UW. border,” it said.

The statement also said the UWF “is not in compliance with U.M.C.E. regulations” that prohibit its members from paying for “any other federal, state or local agency services.”

The White House also said there is “no evidence” that the UWP is making payments to “any U.B.I. agents.”