Twitter user who deleted Instagram messages has been found guilty

Posted by ESPN Cri3n on Saturday, August 23, 2019 10:38:18 The Facebook user who posted the Instagram messages of a former University of Arizona football player was found guilty of felony criminal mischief on Saturday in a Phoenix courtroom.

The judge in the case ordered that the Facebook messages be deleted from the former Arizona linebacker, who has been arrested more than a dozen times in the past few years.

“He’s done a lot for our community and the community’s needs, and I feel like the community and my community and our law enforcement officers have done their job and that he’s done his job well,” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement.

He was not immediately available for comment.

The case is the latest twist in a string of high-profile cases involving the social media giant.

Earlier this month, Facebook agreed to pay $1.75 million to the former NFL player in a settlement that followed a criminal trial.

The company also agreed to give the former player access to its systems and a recording system to help identify other users who may have posted abusive or threatening messages.

In February, the company paid $1 million to settle allegations of deceptive marketing practices.

In June, a federal judge ruled that Facebook could be held liable for some of its users’ posts.

In a separate case, the judge ruled in August that Facebook had to delete a Facebook post that accused an Arizona police officer of being “a drug dealer.”