What to know about Valentine’s Day messages

The holiday is usually a time to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

But Valentine’s day has also come to mean more than just happy hours and a big ring.

There are also some pretty important messages on the holiday that should be remembered.


A message about the holiday should be about love, not hate 2.

It should also be about the gift, not the money 3.

It shouldn’t just be about making a big, expensive gift for someone who needs it most, according to one of the best-selling books on Valentine’s, The Gift: How to Make It Happen by Kate Upton.


It’s not a time for celebrating wealth.

Instead, it’s a time of sharing your gifts with a wider audience, said Sarah Zuber, the founder of the website The Bride’s Secret.


A lot of Valentine’s messages are about making new friends and being a better person.


If you’re going to send a message about your love, don’t make it about the money.


If someone asks for a special gift, use a gift card instead of a check.


It is important to say thanks to a person who is not only a person but a friend and partner.


A love letter shouldn’t end with a question mark, “I love you” or “I miss you.”


A romantic Valentine’s message should include a picture of your loved one and a message to remember him or her.


A Valentine’s wish should be meaningful, not a wish of money.


A couple can be happy by giving gifts and getting together.


The best time to send your love letter is the day after you get married.


And most importantly, a Valentine’s date is a date, not an evening out.


If your loved ones aren’t able to attend, it may be best to have a private Valentine’s night.


Some Valentine’s dates are more about making memories than being together.


The holiday has been called the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s about giving back to those who are least able to receive.