Why the ‘block text message icon’ is so popular

The ‘block icon’ in Google+ is just a small step towards a messaging app you can use on your phone or computer.

But it’s one step that many users say doesn’t do a good job of letting you know who is using the app.

Here’s what you need to know about the new icon.

What it isWhat it meansWhen it was first announced, Google+’s “block icon” was supposed to let users know if anyone else was using the social network.

But a handful of people have complained about the icon’s lack of specificity.

In a statement on Thursday, Google said it was aware of the issues and would be looking into it.

“While we’re aware of this issue and are looking into how to address it, the ‘mark as read’ and ‘mark text as read icons’ will remain in the app,” the company said.

“This will make it easier for users to see who is currently reading their messages.

We are also investigating how we can better make sure people are not spamming us with their unwanted messages.”

It’s also unclear how the ‘marked text as text icon’ works.

Google+ uses a combination of text and a icon that’s displayed in the top left of the screen.

In this case, the icon is a message icon, but users have said that other messages have been marked as text.

How it worksWhat the new Google+ icon doesThe new icon will look different when people use the app on multiple devices.

When it’s displayed on a desktop, the text on the message icon will read: “Sent to: _______”.

When you open a message, the new message icon appears in the bottom right of the window.

When you use the icon on a phone or a computer, it will read “Sent from: __________”.

The text on a message in this case will read, “Message received from ____________”.

Users can opt out of receiving notifications by changing the “no-reply” setting on their Google+ profile.

It will also change how the message appears in search results and other Google-provided services.

Users can also disable the icon from the app by changing their settings to “no icons” in the settings.

“If you don’t want a notification, you can disable it from your settings by going to your settings and clicking on ‘settings’ in the upper left corner,” Google said in a blog post.

The new Google+.

icon will also appear in Google’s mobile app and the Chrome web browser.

In addition to the new ‘mark texts as read icon’, Google+ has also been working on a ‘mark the person’ feature.

This new icon displays a “mark the page” message if a person has used the social networking app more than once.

This feature, which has been available since September, allows people to send a friend a message or a notification if they’ve used the app more that once.

It’s unclear whether this new feature will be available on Google+ or on other platforms.

The ‘mark messages as read ‘ icon’ could help to address the problem of spam on the social networksBut the ‘marks messages as reads ‘ icon’, as a part of the new social icons, has also raised concerns about spam.

A Google spokesperson said the new icons were designed to be “a useful tool for people to flag inappropriate activity”.

“Marking text as ‘read’ does not remove text from a message.

The ‘mark message as read as text’ icon only displays a message when it’s read,” the spokesperson said.

A Google spokesperson also told ABC News that Google+ users who have not used the new messaging app in a while will not see this new icon, even if they have been marking messages as “read” for a while.

“The ‘marks text as Read icon’ will not appear in messages on your Google+ account if you have not recently used Google+ in a month or longer,” the spokeswoman said.

Google+ also recently rolled out a new feature to let people mark text messages as well.

This new feature, available on Chrome and Firefox, lets users mark messages as text messages or as text notifications, and will not be visible to anyone who hasn’t marked their messages as texts or text notifications.

Users will need to log into their Google account to be able to use this feature, but Google has said it’s working on rolling it out to other apps and websites.

“The new feature is not available for use on other websites,” Google’s spokesperson said in the statement.

“Google+ users can mark text or text messages and will see a notification when they have marked them as read.”

“We have seen a lot of questions about how this feature will work and are continuing to work on a way to address these issues,” the Google spokesperson added.

“We are also working on new ways to provide more contextual context about messages that you mark as read, such as highlighting the text that