‘Sophisticated’ Android app lets you send and receive secure messages in your Gmail app

In a world of apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat, Google has finally launched a Gmail app that can securely send and retrieve secure messages.

The app, called ‘Sonic’, has an encrypted version of Google’s ‘Sms Secure Messaging’, which allows messages to be sent and received by SMS and MMS.

If you use Google’s Gmail app, you’ll also be able to access the company’s encrypted Hangouts and Talkgroups messaging service.

However, if you don’t want to worry about your phone, you can still use the app to send and download secure messages to your Gmail account.

Once installed, ‘Somalia is a very powerful app.

It is designed to help us communicate securely, to get things done, and to do it quickly.

We believe it can help us save time and improve our productivity in the future.

It’s designed to be very easy to use, and easy to set up and use.

We have built it so it is easy to do, and you will get the same great experience as if you are using a Gmail account.’

Somali security issues and threatsA security vulnerability in Google’s WhatsApp app in January 2016 was exploited to allow the hackers to hijack users’ SMS messages.

This vulnerability led to the deaths of two people and a large number of people being unable to communicate securely.

Google has also been caught up in an attack that was launched in November last year which resulted in over 2 million people being affected.

‘We take all of our security measures seriously and we are taking them seriously in Somalia, too,’ Google said in a statement to The Times.

There have been some other recent security breaches involving Gmail users.

In October last year, an attacker called ‘Azeri-Hacker’ used a tool that was downloaded on the Tor network to steal the passwords and PINs of over 1.5 million Gmail users, including thousands of government officials, journalists and others.