‘What a Great Christmas Message’: Apple’s iPhone Text Messages App Gets A New Icon and A New Name

The iPhone has always been a great tool for sharing ideas and getting things done, but the iOS 11 software update makes a significant improvement in this area.

Today, the new icon on the iPhone has a new background and new text that says “A Christmas Message” and “Christmas is coming.”

This icon will be in the middle of all of your text messages, and it will also be a little bit taller.

There are a few other tweaks to the icon as well.

The new icon also has a more modern style and the font is smaller, too.

There is a new color for the new text, too, and the text is now much smaller.

The update is available for everyone in the United States and Canada.

It is now available for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c.

The iPhone version is also getting a new icon.

The icons for the older iPhones are still available, and you can check out the iOS icon redesigns that Apple has done to the iOS 9.1 interface here.

The text messages are now organized into different groups: “Messages”, “Sessions”, and “Recent”.

The iPhone 6 now has the same text size as the older phones, so it is easier to see the messages, even when they are a bit long.

The iOS 11 icon is a bit taller than the old icons, too (it is a little larger in the corner of the screen), so you can see the text even better.

The updated icon also now has a small border around it to make it easier to read the messages in the dark.

It also has the new Apple Pay logo.

The UI is more modern, and there are a lot of new features in the iOS 10 update, including new features for notifications, notifications that automatically show on the lock screen, and a new way to send text messages.

There have been a few updates since the iOS 8.1 update was released, too—some of them more important than others.

iOS 10 was the last major iOS update released in 2014, and we will be seeing the next major update on iOS 11 later this year.

The OS X 10.11 Mountain Lion update is coming this fall, too!

If you are interested in what the next iOS update will bring to the iPhone and iPad, we have a complete guide to everything that Apple is doing for iOS.