What’s new in Apple’s Messages app?

The Apple Messages app is getting a few new features that Apple says it’s hoping will make it easier for people to keep in touch and to keep up with friends and family.

Here are the most notable new features in the app:If you’re a friend, you can ask for more time with your friend to make up for the time they’ve missed.

You can also share photos and videos, which you can also edit and share with friends or family.

You can also send and receive text messages from within the app, but not voice calls.

Apple says you can still send and take photos using the Photos app.

You’ll also be able to use FaceTime with the app.

If you have a FaceTime phone call, you’ll be able use the iPhone camera and FaceTime speaker to make the call.

You won’t be able share FaceTime audio, but you can add a voice call to a call and share the audio to your phone’s camera.

Apple says the app will also support FaceTime video calls, and Apple says the new features are meant to make it easy for people who have trouble talking about their lives to share their personal experiences.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Messages features:Apple says you’ll get new ways to communicate using emoji and voice, and you’ll see a new section in the Messages app called Messages & Friends.

Messages & friends lets you add messages and messages from friends or other people you’ve invited to your group.

Messages&friends is designed to help people stay in touch, and is meant to help you keep in contact with your family and friends.

Apple said it will also make it simpler to share your emoji or text with others in the group by showing them your emoji first.

Apple is adding more emoji to the Messages and Friends sections of the app and making it easier to share and manage your emoji.

You will be able add multiple emoji to a single emoji and it will show you which emoji you have selected.

If you have more than one emoji, they will show up in the list in a list view.

Apple will also add new emoji options for emoji to make your emoji more useful.

You now have the option to add a smiley face to your emoji, and it’s also possible to add an eye emoji.