When a car crashes into a tree: How to fix the tree

Posted February 20, 2018 04:22:19 The tree in the driveway is one of the first things to fall when a car collides with it, but the tree is no match for the impact of the car hitting it.

A tree expert and the owners of the house in which the tree sits have created a software solution that can stop the tree from falling.

The problem stems from a car that ran over a tree, causing a collision with the tree, according to a statement by the owner of the home and an official with the Texas Department of Transportation.

The driver had been driving on a shoulder when he collided with the structure.

The tree, a 2.5-foot-tall red oak, came crashing down.

The tree is not the only one in the area where the impact occurred.

The crash happened around 8:30 p.m. on Friday night near the intersection of Interstate 45 and Interstate 35.

There was no damage to the vehicle.

The owner of a house nearby, who declined to give her name, said the tree hit her home from the driveway, and she and her husband got out of their vehicle.

They said they ran to a neighbor’s house to get help.

They ran out of the driveway and into the house, where they saw a man and a woman in the living room, according, the statement.

The man was hit in the chest and the woman was hit on the head with the trunk of a car.

Both were taken to a local hospital.

The couple was in critical condition.