How to make sure your apps are showing up in your iOS News Feed

In iOS 9.2 and 10.3, Apple’s built-in News app is no longer displaying the app icon when the app is open.

That means you can’t see any of the news feeds for apps that you’ve already installed.

The News app, along with Apple’s own News app and iOS Mail, are the only apps that can’t display an app icon in the News app icon bar.

Apple says it is investigating the issue, and that it will look into it when it does.

News app icons are currently shown in a box that’s below the app bar.

However, if you’re not in the iOS News app then the app isn’t showing an icon.

That’s because News is part of the Apple News app itself, so it isn’t part of Apple’s News app’s default setting.

In other words, the News icon isn’t shown if you are not in Apple’s app, which is the default setting for iOS.

We have no idea what this means for other apps, and we don’t know what other Apple apps are affected.

This is a fix, not a complete overhaul.

You’ll see that your News app shows the app icons again when you install the app from the App Store.

If you want to turn it off, head to Settings > General > General Settings > Apps.

In the General Settings section, you can turn off the News Icon Bar.

If that’s not working, you may need to open the News App icon bar to see the app’s app icon.

This isn’t a major issue, but if you don’t like the News icons appearing in the app drawer, you might want to remove the app entirely.

The new News app isn and has always been a bit of a pain to get to, so the News UI changes in iOS 9 will be welcome news for users who like to have their News apps in the news feed.

iOS 9 is still the best News app out there for a reason, and Apple’s been working hard to make it better in recent months.