Which presidents have gotten the most positive messages on social media?

The social media platform is one of the best places to hear about the lives of the people you care about.

Here’s a look at the top 10 presidents with the most social media mentions.


Jimmy Carter, 77, @JimmyJCarterUSA Twitter: @JIMMYCARTERSUSA #CADGETSCIENCE Jimmy Carter (@jimmycarter) June 24, 2018 The Carter Center, a nonprofit focused on issues affecting children and families, is a hub for education, social and political engagement and a leading voice for the U.S. in the fight against climate change.

Carter, who was sworn in in January, has been the first president to take office on the heels of President Donald Trump’s first year in office.

The 79-year-old former president has more than 8 million followers on Twitter.

“He’s the president who started it,” Carter said of Twitter.

Carter said he uses the platform to help spread his message of bipartisanship and to engage in discussions with other citizens.

Carter was born in Cuba and grew up in the United States.

“I have two great daughters, who have grown up here and have their own interests and their own perspectives on this issue,” he said.


Ronald Reagan, 85, @ReaganReaganUSA Twitter.com/ReaganRonaldReagan USA Twitter.co/Ronald_Reagan/Twitter Ronald Reagan (@Reagan) June 25, 2018 Ronald Reagan was a former Republican and Democrat who served in the U, U.K., Canada and the United Nations as the secretary-general.

In his first term, Reagan oversaw the withdrawal of U.N. troops from Vietnam.

In a 2017 interview with ABC News, Reagan said, “It’s not the end of the world.

I don’t believe in the end.

It’s just a phase of the human condition.

The fact is we’re at the tipping point of a global crisis.”

In January, he was elected as the first sitting U. S. president to serve more than one full term.


Gerald Ford, 78, @geraldfordUSA Twitter @gfdavisUSA TwitterGerald Ford (@gfd) June 27, 2018 Ford was the former president of the United Automobile Workers union, and a staunch critic of trade agreements, who famously signed the Trade Adjustment Assistance Act, a law that helped millions of Americans get jobs in the 1990s.

Ford, who served eight years in the Oval Office, was also the first former president to win reelection to the White House.

He had a tumultuous life.

In the 1980s, Ford’s first wife, actress Barbara Bush, accused him of sexual abuse.

Ford settled with the women, and the allegations against him were dismissed.


George H.W. Bush, 77 — @GeorgeHWBushUSA Twitter George HW Bush (@GeorgeH) June 26, 2018 George H Bush was the president and first vice president of George H W Bush International Relief and Development Corporation (HWBSDC), which is a charitable organization that helps families in developing countries.

The organization is a major player in the global fight against HIV/AIDS.

The 77-year old president, who has been a fixture on the campaign trail for Democrats and Republicans, has more Twitter followers than the average president.

His administration focused on health care, education and education and poverty reduction and has a massive global footprint.


Bill Clinton, 76, @billclintonUSA Twitter Bill Clinton (@billclinton) June 29, 2018 Bill Clinton’s administration has been credited with creating the first paid family leave policy, and has also led to an increase in women working in government.

Clinton has had a prolific social media presence and regularly updates his followers with updates about his presidency.

He is often quoted in the media, including the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Clinton was born to a single mother and his mother, Monica Lewinsky, is often referred to as a former White House intern.


Jimmy Johnson, 77 (@JimmyJohnsonUSA) Twitter Jimmy Johnson (@JimmyJ) June 28, 2018 Jimmy Johnson became the first Republican president to run for president in a third consecutive election in 1968.

The 74-year year old former president ran in 1968 for the Democratic nomination and was elected in November 1972.

His presidency focused on the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Act and the fight to end the war in the Middle East.

Johnson was the first non-Hispanic white president to be elected to the U