Why are some people more likely to see a dead relative’s Facebook posts?

The Facebook page of a man who died of an illness in 2016 had more than 5,000 posts, which included pictures of the man’s dead relatives, the New Scientist has learned.

The profile of the person who was found to have died of pneumonia was deleted, but the person’s friends and family members have since been sharing the details of the illness in the form of a memorial post, the newspaper reported.

In his post, published in December 2016, the man wrote that his father had passed away in August 2016 and that his mother had recently died.

The post also mentioned that the man was a “wonderful man” who loved music and loved his children.

But, as the New Yorker reported, it was not until March 2017 that a post on the deceased’s Facebook page appeared to have been deleted.

This led to the discovery that the person had been sharing their grief and death with friends and strangers.

This, the researchers said, suggests that people are sharing their sadness in a way that makes them appear more human.

“People are sharing information to show how they are affected by the death,” lead researcher Michael J. O’Brien, from the University of Sheffield, told the paper.

“This shows the value of sharing that information as well as how they feel about it.”

The research is published in the journal Science.